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Researching Peru

Here is a short list of portals and sites for you to consult before you travel to Peru. Learn more about the geography, educational system, culture, economy and history of this fascinating country. Find links here to embassy and consulate web pages, the Lima Peru Yellow Pages and White Pages, as well as other resources.

Tourist information from the Peruvian Government (PROM PERU)
Prom Peru is the government agency that promotes tourism to the country. This attractive English-language page is a terrific resource to anyone planning a trip or looking for information on the many places of interest in the country.

Peruvian Graffiti / gci275
News, comments and context about Peru. This is the site of an American journalist who lived in Peru for several decades. It has information on the country's history, culture, politics and society from a journalist's perspective. It is also an excellent gateway to insight and resources.

The district of Miraflores
El Sol is located in the heart of Miraflores district in Lima. Learn more about this unique part of the city at this Spanish language site and take the virtual tour.

Tourist information from the Terra Portal
This is a terrific, and comprehensive, Spanish-language site for tourist and travel information in Peru. It features news, culture, and business information.

Peruvian Law
A question and answer page for foreign residents living in Peru

South American Explorers Club
The non-profit South American Explorers (SAE) is one of the best overall sources for travel information for South and Central America.

Andean Travel News
A specialized bulletin intended to provide relevant information about traveling in the Andean Region (Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia). It features interesting articles about the most important tourist destinations and products in the region and is regularly updated. It also includes a section of updated news related to traveling in each of the mentioned countries.

Andean Links This page links to Websites with information on Andean society and culture, arranged by topic.

Peruvian Portals and Search Engines

Peru Links is an English language portal and search engine with links to a large number of Peru related sites. Check out the History link to find lots of English language material, including downloadable books.

Gastronomy, news and culture. Up to date information, and more links than you will know what to do with.

Telephone Books
Yellow and white pages for Lima, Peru

Arts, Culture, History and Economy

Peruvian Archeology
Visit this Spanish-language page to learn more about Peru’s rich pre-Columbian history. Check out the virtual museum link!

Peruvian Culture
This Spanish-only page contains arts and cultural information from Peru. There are virtual galleries of Peruvian art, links to road maps, links to museums, and a lot more. A must visit.

The Central Bank of Peru
From Peru’s central bank. The definitive source for Spanish language information on the Peruvian economy.

Peruvian Cuisine
Read reviews for restaurants located in Lima and provinces of Peru.


El Comercio
El Comercio is the most respected daily newspaper in Peru. This site is an excellent source of Spanish language news about Peru.

El Peruano
El Peruano newspaper is the official government newspaper.


Embassies Worldwide
You can find the web page for the Peruvian embassy in your country using the search engine here.


Maps of Lima, the historical center of Lima and Miraflores, courtesy of Enjoy Peru.

Walking Tours of Miraflores
This guide, written by El Sol - Escuela de Español, illustrates three walking tours you can take independently. "Cultural Miraflores" is a guide to art galleries and museums, "Commercial Miraflores" is a guide to some of the most interesting shopping streets and "Scenic Miraflores" is a tour along the cliffs that overlook the ocean.

A Virtual Community for Expats and Travelers in Peru

Whether you are planning a short trip to Peru or the relocation of a lifetime, find the answers that you are looking for on the Expatperu forums.

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