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Safety Tips in Lima

Miraflores is one of the safest areas of Lima, but there may be more theft on the street than you are used to. The chance are that you will NOT have any problems, but it does not hurt to take some of the same precautions that the locals do:

  • Do not walk alone after dark unless you are on busy streets
  • Leave valuables in your hotel
  • Carry color photocopies of your documents
  • Do not carry more money than you need
  • Use small bills
  • Trust your instincts when meeting new people
  • When riding in taxis, sit on the back seat and negotiate the price before entering
  • Keep your bag/purse on the floor when riding in taxis and busses
  • Do not wear necklaces, bracelets, watches or anything that can be snatched
  • Keep a close eye on your belongings in crowded restaurants and cafes
  • Always have change on hand for the telephone
  • Men, when going out to night-spots, should be aware that some unscrupulous women are known to secretly add sleeping pills to their partner’s drinks to facilitate a robbery. These women are popularly known as "peperas"

Take special care:

At any of the beaches in Miraflores On the walk down to the beaches Using the bus system on the Via Expresa In desolate areas, especially at night Around the Surquillo market

Assistance in English:

  • I-Peru Information and Assistance for Tourists 574-8000
  • Tourism police 424-2053

Recommended Taxi companies:

  • Taxi Tata 274-5151
  • Taxi Seguro 241-9292

Embassies and Consulates:

Australia 222-8281
Belgium 241-7566
Brazil 421-5660
Britain 617-3000
Canada 444-4015
Germany 212-5016
Ireland 446-3878
Italy 463-2727
Japan 218-1130
New Zealand 222-5022
South Africa 440-9996
Spain 212-5155
Switzerland 264-0305
United States 434-3000
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