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Spanish Immersion Courses

Live and learn Spanish in Lima, Peru

What is the best way to learn Spanish? Immersion.  Learn Spanish by living the language on a daily basis in Lima, Peru. This is the fastest, most effective way to become fluent in Spanish.

Learn Spanish in the classroom  Guided by our friendly and highly competent teachers, you will learn the language you need to respond to every day life experiences.

Learn Spanish in our community

We  are located in a beautiful neighborhood. From the classroom,  you will go out and learn even more by visiting interesting places and participating in all sorts of fun activities. You will absorb the atmosphere.  When you are surrounded by Spanish, all  day and night, you will be thinking and learning in  Spanish.

Learn Spanish for Every day situations

Learn Spanish by experiencing situations you encounter in every day life. Meet the Peruvians and experience their friendly and helpful ways. Come to appreciate their culture and the many beautiful things here in Peru. Everyone you encounter can be your teacher. Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Peru.

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