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El Sol schedules a few breaks everyday in order to give students a chance to relax and to practice their Spanish in an informal setting with other students.
Spanish students in Lima
We schedule a break between classes
Spanish school in Miraflores
To give students a chance to meet each other
Socializing at our Spanish school
We use games to break the ice
Making friends at El Sol Spanish School
Everyone brings a different experience to the school
Taking a break from the Spanish course
Students come from all over the world
Spanish immersion is hard work
We encourage students to speak to each other in Spanish
Lima city tour group
You will meet others at the school and form groups for excursions
At Spanish school in Miraflores
Cake is never a bad idea
Outside El Sol Spanish school
Enjoying the sun in the patio
Practicing Spanish
Coffee is always on hand
Practice Spanish everyday
And more birthday cake
Spanish practice opportunity
¿Como se dice "cake"?
Spanish program in Peru. Coffee break.
Meeting each other. New students arrive every Monday.
Lima Spanish Course Coffee Break
Friends that will last a lifetime.
Travel to Lima and practice Spanish
Share experiences and travel plans
Practicing Spanish
Compare notes and practice what you have learned.
Spanish immersion in South America
Students range from bankers to backpackers
Spanish immersion in Latin America
Lawyers, grad students and nurses
Spanish Immersion School in Peru
El Sol brings everyone together
Immersion Spanish in Peru
Sharing a goal: Learning Spanish well
Immersion Spanish Course in Peru
Spanish students of all ages
Immersion Spanish Program in Lima
One more picture before you go back to class. Smile!
El Sol Spanish School in Lima
Hiding out in the kitchen.

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EL SOL - Spanish Language School
Grimaldo del Solar 469, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Telephone: (51-1) 242 6936
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm • Saturdays 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.
Peruvian Time Zone: GMT -5 hours
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