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Students in Dance Class

El Sol offers a latin dance class to its students once a week in the afternoon. Students learn the basics of Salsa, Merengue, Festejo, and Bachata.
Students dancing Salsa
First.. Learn the basics
Student spinning Salsa teacher
Practice the moves...
Spanish students in Peru taking latin dance lessons
Do a few spins..
Lima Spanish school dance class
Repeat the steps…
Enjoy the dance classes
Getting better each time...
Students practicing salsa in Lima
Now, everyone together...
Spanish students learning Salsa
Watch those feet...
Our dance lessons
Learning some solo steps
Students practicing Merengue
Try and try again... You'll get it!
Dance lessons at our school
Size is no barrier!
Spanish students in dance class
Starting to get it now...
Students dancing Salsa
Time to introduce some fancy footwork
Dance class in Lima Peru
May I cut in?
Salsa class in Lima Peru
Listening to catch the beat. A one, and a two...
Salsa classes in Miraflores
Time for a big broadway finish!

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