Please read the following and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.


Welcome to our Host Families Program. Our Peruvian families will happily provide you with accommodation and give you the opportunity to learn more about our culture and customs. We offer you the following advice to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the full:

The student will be provided with a comfortable and pleasant room, which should be cleaned daily. The student is expected to keep it tidy and to make his or her own bed like any other member of the family.

At least one member of the family will eat breakfast and dinner with the student every day. If this should prove impossible, the family will ensure that the student is attended to, or will give him or her instructions of how to serve himself/herself. Everyone is responsible for washing their own dishes and utensils.


The student is expected to be responsible for his or her own food whenever he or she is not in the house. Not to cook at the Homestay home.


The student may invite friends to the house as long as the family knows about it and has given permission.


In order to avoid unnecessary concern, we advise the student to let the family know if he or she is planning to go out and how long for, especially if he or she will not be returning until late at night.


With the family’s consent, the student may make local, national or international telephone calls from the house by using a phone card or by reversing the charges. Please note that local calls are not free in Peru.


We would be grateful if the student did not smoke in the house if none of the other family members smokes.


The student should limit shower times to a reasonable length, especially if it is a shared bathroom. 


The student is not allowed to cook, wash, iron or use any type of appliance.


For effects of rent, the week starts on Sunday at 9.00am and ends on Saturday at 6.00pm. Previous and subsequent days will be considered additional days.


In order to avoid penalty, it is mandatory for the student to inform the Homestay coordinator with 5 working days notice if he or she decides to cut his stay short or to lengthen it (only applicable to those students who stay more than 1 week).


There are no refunds or discounts for nights that are untaken or cancelled without notification.


Please inform Homestay Coordinator of any eventualities on 242-6936. Alternatively, you could write to her at:

I have read and consent to the terms and conditions detailed in this agreement, and thereby confirm my participation in the Homestay program.

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