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Studying Spanish

In today's world, Spanish has become a necessity. Learning the language remains a daunting prospect but one that can be overcome. To succeed in mastering the language there are few better ways than participating in an immersion program in Peru like EL SOL.

A global language

Few languages cover the globe as thoroughly as Spanish does today. A century ago, about 60 million people spoke Spanish. Today, nearly 400 million people speak Spanish as their primary language and another 100 million speak it as their second language.

Europe has 57 million Spanish speakers, including 40 million in Spain. The United States alone has more than 35 million Spanish speakers, more than 60 percent more than a decade ago. . By 2050, half of the country is expected to be able to speak Spanish.

Growing opportunities

As the number of Spanish speakers increases, so does the demand for professionals proficient in the language. Bi-lingual graduates have always been in high demand in international business, diplomacy, and development agencies but the need for this skill is growing.

A wider variety of professions including business and commerce, law and communications are actively seeking employees who can speak Spanish. The same trend can also be found in the fields of education, medicine, and many service industries.

Experts believe it is trend that will continue for some time to come as economic integration via the European Union, NAFTA and other Inter-American trade agreements promise to continue to build ties between English and Spanish-speaking countries.


Studying Spanish in a classroom in your native country is nowhere near as effective - or as much fun - as being completely immersed in the language while residing in a Spanish-speaking country.

When you study at home, you have a million other things to do, so that when you go to your Spanish class, you have to "get back into it." This stop-and-go method greatly lengthens the learning process.

When you are immersed in your studies in a Spanish-speaking country, the lessons do not end at the classroom door. Hearing, speaking, and reading Spanish all day long and using it yourself naturally makes the process move much more quickly.

Immersion but brings about better results. Language is more than memorizing grammar and a collection of words; it is an active enterprise of communication. This is why it is so difficult to learn a language from a book. Communication with teachers and fellow students is a start but continuing that process in the world outside the classroom brings about much better results.

Studying in Peru

Learning Spanish overseas is definitely an adventure, and there is no country that offers more adventure than Peru. The country holds a special treasure for the foreign language student. Peruvians speak one of the purest - and easiest to learn - pronunciations of the Spanish language.

And Peru has thousands of places to see while you hone your language skills. Except for the famed Incan ruins of Machu Picchu - the most popular tourist destination in South America - Peru is a land of many delights that remains largely unknown to the English-speaking world. The cultural, geographical and biological wonders of this country are simply waiting to be discovered.

Maximize your learning experience

EL SOL can help. Proper academic structure is key to making the most of your immersion experience. While you can learn some Spanish simply by being immersed in the environment, it is only one piece of the puzzle. EL SOL will teach you learning strategies and help you master troublesome vocabulary and grammar that a casual exposure to the language cannot provide.

The immersion experience at EL SOL is designed to teach you Spanish quickly in a supportive and fun atmosphere. If you decide to come to Peru, there is no better place to embark on a language-study program than here with us.

At EL SOL, you get what you pay for. Our teachers are among the best in the country and our program is one of the few recognized by the Ministry of Education in Peru. In addition, we are committed to providing all of our students with personalized attention from the moment they register to when they finish their program.

Learning a language is hard work, but EL SOL will make it a worthwhile adventure.

Reasons for learning Spanish

The reasons for learning Spanish are as diverse as the number of people who speak it. Several of the most important advantages knowing this language are…

Know your neighbors

If you live in the southwest U.S., south Florida, or in New York City, you know that the ability to communicate bilingually is of great assistance for sorts of everyday interpersonal transactions - if not an absolute necessity. This is also rapidly becoming the case in an ever-growing number of locations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Cultural enrichment

Spanish culture has made major contributions in the arts, architecture, and literature. If you like Cervantes and García Márquez in translation, wait until you read them in their own, rich language! Moreover, the works of great artists such as Picasso, Miró, and Dalí become much more interesting to those familiar with their culture.

Spanish-language journalism

Now available to all thanks to the internet - offers important insights into how others think and feel - both at home and abroad!


You can travel to South America, Mexico or Spain without speaking a word of Spanish - but it's not half as much fun or rewarding. Speaking Spanish opens many doors to see and do things that are closed to other visitors.

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