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Traveling to Peru

Traveling to Peru is not difficult but the trip will be much more productive if you follow a few tips.

Visa Information

Visa Information

When you come to Peru to study Spanish at El Sol, you are essentially a tourist, so no student visa is necessary.

The tourist visa you receive upon entry will normally allow you to stay in Peru for as long as 90 days (there are also visas for 30-days and 60-days so you may need to request the one you require.) This may be extended for a limited time by paying US$1 per day. Another means to lengthen your visit is by crossing the border into Ecuador, Bolivia, or Chile and receiving a new 90-day tourist visa when you return.

Read more information about Peruvian Visas

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup

Some Safety Tips in Lima
available here

When you register at El Sol, you can request that the school driver pick you up when you arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. The school charges for this service.

You may also choose from one of the taxi agencies or shuttle buses that operate stands inside the airport. Reliable taxis charge approximately $25 and the shuttle service, called the "Urbanito", charges approximately $10. This shuttle will drop you off at any one of a number of hotels.

We recommend that you DO NOT contract the independent taxis that wait outside the main doors.

If you wish to contract the El Sol driver, please write to elsol_registrar@idiomasperu.com and provide us with:

Address you will travel to in Lima:
Flight number:
Time of arrival: (Use 24hr clock)

Then, wait for confirmation.

Banks at the Airport
Local currency in Peru is the "Nuevo Sol". There are cash dispensers (ATMs) located in the main concourse that accept major credit cards, both in local currency and in U.S. dollars.

Money Exchanges at the Airport
There are some currency exchange offices located at the main concourse, in the international flight zone.

Health Care and Insurance

Health Care and Insurance

We recommend that you take a medical examination before leaving your country and ask your doctor about the necessary vaccinations. You should be protected against hepatitis, tetanus, polio, typhoid and yellow fever. If you are planning to go to the jungle, you should consider taking malaria pills.

El Sol strongly encourages you to take out medical travel insurance and students may obtain it at the school. For more information click here.

What to Bring with You

What to Bring with You

In Lima, you won' t need anything heavier than a light jacket and sweater from July to December. If you will only be here between January and June, just the jacket will do.

It is easy to buy good quality, inexpensive clothing in Lima so pack light and buy the extras you need here. In Lima, you will feel most comfortable with walking shoes, but bring hiking boots if you want to take day trips to the mountains.

If you want to travel to the mountains, spring/autumn wear is required, except for high altitudes where you will need a winter coat. Bring rain gear if you want to travel to the jungle.

Other Items
Remember to pack photos of your home and family - these are great conversation starters - and some inexpensive gifts to give your new friends and host family.


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