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Peru is famous for its food. El Sol arranges a cooking class once a week either at the school or in a nearby restaurant so students can learn some of the signature dishes that they can prepare when they travel back home.
Learning to cook at El Sol
Onions can make the toughest man cry
Learn to cook traditional dishes
Proud students getting ready to eat
Peruvian meals to enjoy
Sharing a meal with the teacher
Cook the peruvian way
Students preparing "Causa Rellena"
Peruvian Pisco Sour is the best
A toast using Pisco Sour, one of Peru's national drinks
Cooking peruvian meals
Slicing and de-seeding italian tomatoes
Satisfied students at El Sol
Satisfied students
Cooking at El Sol
Stirring the pot
Cooking at El Sol
Food preparation is truly international
Enjoying a good meal
Nothing brings people together like a good meal
Peruvian food is delicious
Cooking peruvian food
Blending "ají amarillo", a kind of yellow pepper
Cooking a peruvian recipe
"Aji Amarillo" is a staple spice in many dishes
Enjoy a peruvian recipe
Students preparing "papa rellena", ground beef wrapped in mashed yellow potato
Cooking with peruvian ingredients
Squeezing limes for the ceviche
Cooking with peruvian ingredients
"Causa Rellena", yellow mashed potato wrap with tuna, or chicken inside

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