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Hostels in Miraflores, Lima

Hostels are for travelers who want to economize and to have a higher level of contact with other people. There are a number of backpacker hostels located in Miraflores, many within a 10 minute walk to our school.

Please note that in Peru it is common to call a small hotel a Hostal (written with an a). These are not hostels in the sense that foreigners understand the term.

Recommended Hostels in Miraflores, close to El Sol:


Jr. Manco Capac 368, Miraflores
Telephone: 51-1-446-6248
Friend's house is 15 minutes walk from the school. There are dorm-type shared rooms. Breakfast is included and there is a kitchen that guests can use to prepare their own meals.

Av. Casimiro Ulloa 328, Miraflores
Telephones: 51-1-446-5488 / 51-1-242-3068
Backpackers youth Hostel in Lima, located in the District of Miraflores. With access to the Internet, a continental breakfast, and an attentive family atmosphere.

Hostels in Miraflores Living Room in Hostel Kitchen in Hostel
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