Levels and Progress

Levels and Progress

Students take a placement test before beginning their course. According to the results, the Academic Coordinator will place the student in one of the following levels:

A1 - Basic

Student understands and answers questions and can construct sentences about themselves using basic vocabulary. They can speak and understand Spanish spoken at below normal speed.

A2 - Pre Intermediate

Student can initiate, sustain and end simple conversations about everyday topics, understand the majority of questions and instructions spoken at below normal speed, and use vocabulary related to their activities and preferences.

B1 - Intermediate

Student can hold conversations about a range of topics at near-normal speed and use present, past and future tenses. They are able to make requests and suggestions and can hold telephone conversations, although with some difficulty. They can write simple reports related to their activities.

B2 - Advanced

Student can initiate, sustain, and end a wide variety of complex conversations at normal speed, give rehearsed presentations to an audience, debate the pros and cons of different topics using specialized vocabulary, and write a wide range of reports with few mistakes. They are able to understand most written texts and write reports.

C1 - Expert*

Students are able to perform complex tasks related to work and study.

C2 - Superior*

Student functions at a near-native level in most or all language competencies.

Progress Chart

Students following the Intensive program (Monday to Friday, 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.) can expect to advance at the following rate:

(*) private classes only